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shoeblack Turkey - Istanbul - Dolapdere on Flickr.
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Ecraface, un album sur Flickr.
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Ecraface, un album sur Flickr.


Photo of the Day by clownshoes
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Photo of the Day by clownshoes

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Paintings by Simon Birch

  • For All The Fear
  • For All The Trouble
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Juliana Manara (b.1983, Brazil/UK) - MiniB

"MiniB was my imagination and now I am being able to make it visible through a playful, humorous photograph work. With fantasy it simulates some observations of human life. Each work brings ideas of feelings, facts or attitudes. It introduces multiple meanings with the universality of landscapes, sometimes surreal environments and always a good relationship between human and other animals or the needy relation between humans and material things. MiniB invites us to dialogue about our existence and also can claim to some absurdities of the human conditions. Sometimes it simulates a lost mind, sometimes the challenges or obligations or a very peaceful moment" Juliana Manara explores human experiences simulating the facts with fantasies. Her experimental photographic work is part of a growing up private and public international collection.

[more Juliana Manara | artist found at leslieseuffert]

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Lune on Flickr.
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Lune on Flickr.